Download & Install Net Speed Monitor on Windows 7, 8, 10

Internet access and speed in countries such as India, Pakistan, Indonesia, & Bangladesh is very dependent on where you live.

While speeds in urban cities, and metros is much better and reliable, the same can’t be said for other regions. Internet connection drop, packet drops, and randomly slow internet speed is still a reality in some places.

It is therefore important to monitor your net speeds regularly to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. Monitoring net speed can also be helpful to report issues with your Internet Service Provider, like Airtel, Jio, or BSNL.

One such wonderful solution for Windows machines is NetSpeedMonitor, a free program developed by Florian Gilles.

What Is NetSpeedMonitor?

“NetSpeedMonitor” is an internet speed meter designed to work on all versions of Windows – 7, 8, 8.1, 10, & 11. Once installed, it sits in your taskbar tray, and displays the upload and download speed for your Internet connection. It works on all Ethernet adapters, WiFi adapters, or even dongles!

The program is incredibly light weight, meaning it won’t take any unnecessary RAM or CPU cycles, letting your desktop or laptop focus on much more important work. While Windows 10 and Windows 11 now come with inbuilt native solutions for network bandwidth monitoring, it is still not accessible from the taskbar like NetSpeedMonitor is.

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NetSpeedMonitor Features

How To Install NetSpeedMonitor On Windows

Step 1: Download

From the download links above, download the installer file that is relevant to your Windows OS.

Step 2

Once the download is finished, double click on “NetSpeedMonitor_Install.msi” file to begin the installation process.

netspeedmonitor file after download

Step 3

It is possible that Windows might show an error as below on opening the installer file:

netspeedmonitor operating system not supported error message

I have written a short tutorial on how to workaround the error message above.

How To Fix NetSpeedMonitor Operating System Not Supported Error

Step 4

Once the installer launches, press “Next” all the way through the end, and launch the application once install is finished.

Step 5: Configuration

The first screen that shows after install of Net Speed Monitor looks something like below:

NetSpeedMonitor Configuration 1
NetSpeedMonitor Configuration Screen

Leave option #1 “Select your Language” and option #3 “Traffic Logging” as is.

Option #2 “Select your Network Interface” is a dropdown list of all the network adapters detected on your Windows machine.

Select the correct adapter that you want to display the upload and download speeds for. Usually, the adapters are named correctly and make it easy to identify the interface.

For example, if you are using internet via a LAN cable, then your network adapter will usually have the word “Ethernet” in it.

Same goes for Wi-Fi. If you are on a laptop and using internet over a wifi connection, select an adapter that has the word “Wifi” in it

NetSpeedMonitor can also show uplink and downlink speeds for Bluetooth, Dongle, and Android USB tethered connections.

Step 6: Enable NetSpeedMonitor Toolbar

Now that we have configured the Network Interface to capture the network information from, it is time to setup the taskbar to display the speeds from this network.

To do that, right click an empty space in your Windows taskbar, select “Toolbars“, and then select “NetSpeedMonitor

taskbar netspeedmonitor
Taskbar Configuration for NetSpeedMonitor

Step 7: Successful Configuration

And that’s it! NetSpeedMonitor should now display download and upload speeds in the taskbar. You can hover over the speeds for extra information such as System Uptime, NetSpeedMonitor version, and total download and uploaded data for the month.

NetSpeedMonitor in action
NetSpeedMonitor in action

If you have any questions or problems setting NetSpeedMonitor up, feel free to reach out to me in the comments!

Download & Install Net Speed Monitor on Windows 7, 8, 10 / NetSpeedMonitor
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One such wonderful solution for Windows machines is NetSpeedMonitor, a free program developed by Florian Gilles.

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